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Managed IT Services

Our range of IT services includes design & implementation of network solutions including Router, Switch and Firewall Configuration, Wifi implementation, Office 365 migration, Private Cloud Services and ongoing maintenance on current IT setup. The team at Redhawk understands that technology solutions will change from business to business. We will offer solutions that balance your business’s needs, costs and performance.

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Cloud Services

 Our solutions not just focus on cost efficiencies but also infrastructure security, manageability and overall reduced IT overheads. Our services include Desktop-as-a-service, Application-as-a-service, Cloud Servers, Cloud based Email and Calendaring. Redhawk Cloud Services will enable you to focus on your business and respond to fast-changing business conditions. Our Managed Cloud team helps you determine the right Cloud solution that fits your business goals and needs. We have partnered with AWS, VMware and Microsoft Azure to provide secure, agile and robust cloud services for your business.

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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a special group of technologies that delivers multimedia and communication over an IP network. This special technology transfers analog audio signals into digital data for transmission over the internet. This means that you can turn a standard Internet connection into a “free” phone line. Redhawk can offer highly trained technicians to help you acquire, implement and utilize VOIP phone systems in Orange County. We can also offer training for your employees on using VOIP in a business setting. Redhawk can help with your VOIP needs. Redhawk offers on-premise and cloud based VoIP solutions that can meet your business requirements.

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IT Security and Compliance

Align business risk to security objectives, controls, and architecture. Our consultants ensure your organization is able to identify potential issues in the design, architecture and configuration of your security infrastructure and provides comprehensive remediation plans. Many organizations are overwhelmed with the dizzying list of security compliance standards and frameworks and the subsequent changes that are required to meet these global requirements. Meeting and exceeding mandates calls for integrated, long-term solutions that not only meet the standards of each area individually but provide proactive management of all relevant compliance standards across your organization.

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