Our Services


Whether you need to implement a virtualized server environment, migrate your Microsoft Exchange to the cloud or eliminate an entire infrastructure in favor of something more manageable, unlike other IT consulting companies Redhawk can provide you with a cost-effective, highly functional solution. 


Office 365 Migration

Migrating to Office 365 brings the familiarity of the Microsoft Office suite into the era of Cloud Computing and decreases IT overhead. Office 365 is the perfect choice for moving Office into the cloud.

Server Virtualization

Decrease risk by virtualizing legacy servers onto new hardware. By moving to new hardware without changing software, your organization can stretch its ROI on existing server setups

Infrastructure Refresh

Redhawk's network architecture review and refresh services can breath new life into aging networks by leveraging existing hardware or complete network replacement.

Compliance Audit

Redhawk IT consultants help businesses comply with trade association and government regulations. By leading the technical aspects of audit response, GeekTek ensures your companies compliance.


Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a special group of technologies that delivers multimedia and communication over an IP network. This special technology transfers analog audio signals into digital data for transmission over the internet. This means that you can turn a standard Internet connection into a “free” phone line. Redhawk can offer highly trained technicians to help you acquire, implement and utilize VOIP phone systems in Orange County. We can also offer training for your employees on using VOIP in a business setting. Redhawk can help with your VOIP needs. Redhawk offers on-premise and cloud based VoIP solutions that can meet your business requirements.


Does your company have a multitude of redundant servers? Reduce costs and risks by consolidating server functions and migrating services to the cloud. IT consulting